my current diet, workout, advice please!

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Jan 14, 2015 11:48am
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im a girl with 21% body fat (used to be 18% but i tried bulking cos i was way too skinny before) , im 20 , weighing 46kg and i workout at least 3x a week. i weight lift most of the time and cardio at least once a week. i eat normally , not a clean diet but i cut out fats or oily stuff. my goal is to bulk a little more and build muscle. problem is, eventhough i build them muscles, i still appear "skinny" . when i bulk, i become fat, and lose all them abs too. im stuck between continuing to build muscles or bulk more. im seeing cellulites too now .. i didnt have them before . so .. advice? or are these insufficient?

14 Jan
Bulk, build and cut is how body builders do it .. bulk up and do your muscle building routine...cut is losing the bulk fat and showing off your muscle again...its harder to build muscle without bulking as you need the proteins to build muscle.. at tye cutting stage you still need to lift and do the lose fat and not muscle