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Jan 14, 2015 11:33pm
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Had an interesting chat with a friend today which I thought I'd share...
She eats 3 whole eggs for breakfast and was asking "how many eggs is too many?"
My response was this.
3 eggs is approximately 210 calories with 12g of fat and 18g of protein
3 egg whites is approximately 75 calories with almost zero fat and 18g if protein.
So the answer was simple
"Do you want to put on weight (bulk) or lose weight (shred)??"

Depending on what you wanna do determines how you eat your eggs!!

(Now I'm hungry!!)
14 Jan
That's great Anita, when I was on a shred workout program last month I was eating 1 egg & 4 egg whites & a cup of oatmeal for breakfast. I've stuck with that brekkie ever since . I'll be trying to cut my weight down again next week so will be watching those calories like a hawk again soon!
14 Jan
I've been eating 3 whole eggs on a bagel every morning. Do you think I should work out right after or before? Trying to gain weight and bulk up
15 Jan
Hi James, I'm so happy I don't need to be on a bulk diet anymore! I really struggle eating all those calories!! Fasted cardio (working out before eating in the morning) is well researched, but given you're bulking I always kept cardio to an absolute minimum. If you're talking about lifting weights before eating I'm not a big fan of that as I feel weak at the gym. Another suggested option for you though is to drop the egg yolks & increase the egg whites you eat so you can et the protein benefits without eating too much fats. On...
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Jan 15, 2015 1:11pm
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That's some useful info :) Thank you, Scotty ^^
How do you guys eat your eggs? Boiled?

15 Jan
You're welcome. I was just trying to explain to her that as he was having avocado as well she was really ramping her fats up in the morning and pretty much eating her daily "allowance". I always scramble mine : )