Need to gain weight!! Help!

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Jan 16, 2015 1:59pm
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I seem to eat so much food and don't gain any weight.. Can anyone help?

18 Jan
U have to eat more calories than u burn. Use apps like my fitness pal to determine how much calories a day u need in order to gain weight and u can also keep track of it using the app. Try to eat about 6 meals a day. And have large portions. Don't get ur calories from junk food. Eat healthy food. A lot of protein like fish, eggs and chicken. Things like peanut butter and nuts have heaps of calories as well. U just have to find foods that contain a lot of calories but are also healthy. Make...
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Jan 16, 2015 2:09pm
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Are you eating every two hours ? Eat small meals often like a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes on a whole grain bread of course and fruit smoothie . Have snack .. Fruits , vegetable . Almonds . Bake chicken for dinner . 1/2-1 pound every week :))
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Jan 16, 2015 4:47pm

Hey Joe. Your metabolism must be pretty fast. I am not a nutritionist but what you need to do is start fresh. Do a bit of research and get your game plan together first. Right off the top you need to find out what your normal caloric intake is. Go online and find a calorie calculator and plug your info in (age, weight, height, etc). This will give your needed calorie count to sustain your current weight. Now what you need to do is concentrate on eating up to 500 calories over that number. Doing so with strenth trainingĀ for a week should give you close to a pound. Keys to success is NOT GAINING TOO MUCH WEIGHT TOO FAST. It has to be the safe way. Another thing is to make sure you stay away from the junk food or it will end up around your waist. It's ok to get that in as fillers if you don't quite make your count by the end of the day but you want to stick to unprocessed items and lean meats. Get plenty of protien because you need that to grow and carbs for fuel. As mentioned already you need to eat around six times a day (small fist size portions to start) with healthy snacks or power bars. It would not hurt to replace one of the meals with a weight gainer shake for additional calories. Bottom line is to be steady, get your meals in, lift heavy and get your rest. I won't lie.. you will have to work for it. Sometimes you may not want to eat but you have to. You also will need to track your calories. When I first started that years ago I saved every wrapper and package so I could write down the calories so I knew what was going in. When you get good enough you will be able to start focusing on proteins, carbs and make sure your getting your daily the way you should.

17 Jan
Well said..=)
17 Jan
Thanks Asyraf!
17 Jan
Your w'come,Ra! have a nice day..=]
17 Jan
Thanks for the help much appreciated
17 Jan
You got it bro. Good luck!

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