Weight loss for overweight.

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Jan 22, 2015 9:40pm
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So my mom asks me questions all of the time about how she should eat and what excersizes to do. I don't really know for her so I only have given her suggestions but I usually suggest cardio exercises. She wants to start on muscle building but I told her that would only make her get heavier because it weighs more and she may become discouraged. I try to make her diets everyday but she eats a lot of junk food at night but I'm still going to help her with that. She really wants to loose about 12-15 pounds y the end of march.any help would be awesome!

23 Jan
Don't buy the junk food and she won't eat it, lol she hasto be conscious of what goes in her body,diet is 80% of your success you can work out all you want but if you don't have the right food you still won't get the results you want.on Saturdays I plan my meals and snacks for the entire week ahead,so there is no confusion about what goes into my body.she needs to eat snacks that are either low calorie like the hundred calorie snack packs,raw vegetables with dip sore salsa,greek yogurt,A piece of fruit,nuts are high in protein and...
23 Jan
I don't do the grocery shopping but today she is going and I gave her a list of alternative snacks she said she would buy. Thank you for your input!