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Jan 23, 2015 5:22am
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Hi Skimblers,
From time to time, for some reason or another, people decide to start profiles offering out advice BUT claiming to be someone else.
KAYLA I. has been doing this a lot over the last week and is also posing as CARTER and CAMMY S

Please be wary of taking advice from people on here.
Hopefully now she knows she's been reported and also the REAL Kayla I (who is an Australian fitness instructor with nearly 2million followers on Facebook) has been made aware that her name and photos are bein used to offer fitness advice she will quit skimble or begin using it or it's intended purpose
23 Jan
Good job Sherlock
23 Jan
23 Jan
Thanks for the tip mate.
23 Jan
Just hoping she now uses this app for the right reasons, stops pretending to be someone else, and most importantly stops creating topics pretending to be a fitness trainer
23 Jan
Its a growing trend :-\