Trying to get healthy

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Jan 24, 2015 5:41pm
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Hope there is others trying to do more than just lose weight! Don't get me wrong that is an added bonus. But I want to be there for my son for many many years! Lost my mom when I was 22 and she never had a chance to meet him! It hurts but I use that to push me further for him! I want to hold my grandkids when that time comes! So any helpful time are greatly appreciated

24 Jan
I'm trying to be healthy too. I've cut back on bread and an trying to cut back With sugar too. I want to be around to play with my daughter.
24 Jan
Bread is easy for me to eat less of but sugar is hard.. I am trying to not drink nearly as much soda. Can't give up on coffee though its the only way I can make it tru the day