Push ups and sit ups

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Jan 27, 2015 4:48am
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I have always struggled with these.. any advise on doing them correctly or to help me build the strength to do them correctly? I usually modify them and do bicycle crunches and pushups i end up cheating lol

27 Jan
Well..as for push ups..you can develop strength by starting with wall push ups..then moving to knee push ups and then full push ups..and i usually avoid sit ups as they put a lot of stress on neck and back..i usually do crunches..:)
27 Jan
Do push ups from your knees. That's how we start the girls in the military who can't do a full one. Sit ups hook your feet under something and use your core and legs to help you do one. Core comes in time. Lots of planks and side to sides
27 Jan
My neck is weak so i can't usually hold my head up very well during a sit up lol are crunches as effective (more/less/same)? I've been doing couch pushups too to help build the strength but wasn't sure if there was a better way
27 Jan
That is great..:)..and as for sit ups..i don't know if they are better/less than crunches but I don't do sit ups because of bad back..and it puts unnecessary stress on back and neck..and also i saw some videos on youtube which showed that most of the people who hook their feet under something to do sit ups actually end up using leg in order to do the reps..but we gotta use core..so for me..i prefer crunches..and they give a good burn..:)..