Any acid reflux/gastritis peeps?

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Jan 29, 2015 11:08pm
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Hi I have gastritis I'm 21 and trying to loose weight. I already lost 15lbs just from being horribly sick, maybe we can trade ideas workouts and help motivate one another, if you don't have this condition still feel free to be my buddy

29 Jan
My brother has some acid reflux problems. Now, he watches what he eats, a lot of veggies and only white meat. He eats frequent small servings, because it's not good if your stomach is really full. He changed his workouts from heavy compound exercises to cardio and bodyweight training. Maybe you could try avoiding some exercises that creates intense pressure in the core, because this might push gastric contents back to your esophagus, causing heartburns. Eat healthy and avoid processed foods. :)
30 Jan
Thank u :) i know i have to warch out for foods and work outs any bad thing can mess me all up :( but ill try little portions and intake my veggies more :) thx
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Feb 1, 2015 2:09am
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Hey I have acid reflux.  I think it may be due to eating too much protein or having stress.  I am 39 and got it just about a year ago.  I have found that eating an apple before I go to sleep helps prevent nighttime acid refux.  I also keep tums and other tablets with me all the time.  Mine seems to be getting better, but I can get it if I don't eat enough (dieting).  Take care of yourself.