Started a weight loss challenge

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Feb 1, 2015 3:56am
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Hi. Just started a local weight loss challenge. It'd be nice to have some skimbler's support. The contest is 60 days long. I got weighed and measured today. 252lbs 6'2" 14in biceps 42in waist 23in thighs 46in chest. Check in are on Sundays. Looking for some chat buddies to talk about all the aspects of body transformation. Food. Hydration. Supplements. Exercises. Etc.
Also, thinking about approaching a couple people at my gym who are regulars and extremely fit for some help, so I could use some coaching on approaching because I know we can all be on high alert when approached at the gym. Creepers abound.

01 Feb
When approaching at the gym, I find it easiest if you ask for a spot to break the ice or if someone is doing something you've never done/seen before. Ask them questions about the exercise and ask them if they wouldn't mind showing you how to get started doing the new exercise!! Good luck with your challenge!