Lip Augmentation

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Feb 2, 2015 5:57am

Hey guys! I am about to get my Lip augmentation done next month.I am a little apprehensive about how this will all end up into. My lips are thin and they don’t look good for me. Well I've set up an appointment with Dr. McLean at Mississauga for next month. I did contact his previous patients and got their reviews. I did a lot of research in this matter. But still there is a bit of nervousness in me. I thought I'll just ask if anyone here could give me a little suggestions and increase my confidence. Well, I also have a doubt, and this I would want any people who have got an experience in this to answer. Mine is a non-surgical procedure. Does it require a recovery time and does it involve any kind of pain?

02 Feb
You should speak to your doctor...this is a fitness app after all not cosmetic procedure group!