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Feb 6, 2015 3:30am
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Happy I completed the booty builder workout. I was sick and still am with a sore throat 1st day worked out with my trainer next on my own then did my 1st workout here proud of myself
06 Feb
That's good . Keep going! I've been working out as well . I'm about to start using the workouts on here too.
06 Feb
Awesome don't get discouraged keep on keeping on think of your end result
06 Feb
Best of luck with it Stone. Do u find working out with a PT is more motivational? I've been working out with this app sine Boxing Fay and starting to see some improvements in my health and mind wellbeing.
06 Feb
To Marc N I like to have a personal trainer because yes it helps with pushing myself and encourages me and it just feels good to have a personal trainer