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Feb 10, 2015 12:01pm
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Hi everyone!

Well, I usually do sport, because I play volleyball... But this time I really want to loose weight and to have a fitness body, but my problem is that I need motivation...

Sorry if my English is not so good(I'm from Spain)

10 Feb
Ur English is fine. And yeah what r ur goals!
10 Feb
Hola Paula a mi me funciona tener fotografías de resultados, el ver antes y después, de personas que, han logrado lo que yo deseo lograr... Así me mantengo motivado, también te recomiendo estar en contacto con personas que tengan tus mismos intereses u objetivos, involucra a alguien más a hacerlo juntos Ánimo Saludos!!!!
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Feb 10, 2015 2:15pm
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From a topic I started 

A lot of u may have already read this. I just thought to share it with everyone one else because the people I posted it to were really happy, and I think there are tooooo much posts about people asking for motivation.

This is just my opinion, or how i see it. I'm not an expert, this is just what works for me, so if u don't agree then yeah, u know what to do. 

Here we go 

It's all in the mind. U have got to have a strong state of mind and high self disciple. Keep ur mind wanting more by making it fun. Try to do a lot of different workouts so u don't get bored and every time after u workout be happy and smile so that u can link working out to making u happier and u will want to do it again. Also be patient, expecting too much too fast can ruin ur motivation so make smaller goals and every time u achieve one u will want to continue and achieve another.
It also helps if u have someone else to push u and to challenge u. Think of it as being fun, have control of urself and don't eat junk food. 
Think of urself as being the best and beutiful and that working out will make u better in every way. Because in the end we all want to improve ourselves. If u are not happy with something then think of working out as the Answer. Maybe u lack motivation because u need guidance. If u need help with ur goal, what exercises to do etc then just ask. So that u know what u are doing and u want u continue to workout. Try to workout just a bit a day, make it ur goal. After a few weeks increase the time u workout for.

Lacking motivation can is caused by u and can only be fixed by U. Having work buddies will help a little but it won't do much if u don't have self discipline. 
This is a big one. U have to know that there is no one perfect answer that fits all. What works for others may not necessarily work for u. And instead of searching for the perfect, easiest way to get to ur goal, just start working out and u will get there faster. Ur body is different to everyone elses so find out what works best for u. I'm going to stop now because it's too long. If u have got any other tips then be happy to post.
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Feb 10, 2015 5:37pm
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Es Bueno que estas haciendo ejercicio, pero usted eres tu motivación, nosotros podemos motivarte pero no como usted. Usted es el único que puede motivarse. Si tienes preguntas, pregunte.
10 Feb

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