Living healthy with your better half

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Feb 21, 2015 4:46pm
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This is something I've been contemplating for a while now.
Do you and your partner work out together? Did you both have an interest in healthy living from the beginning, or has one of you affected the other to take interest in it? Is it even possible to get someone interested in exercising and eating healthy and in that case, how? Or do you just have to accept that you have different lifestyles and quit worrying about how your partner chooses to live?

21 Feb
Hi Anna, this is a tough one. My girlfriend is pretty stuck in her ways, I quit smoking just over 3 months ago but she says she will quit when she's ready. I haven't worked out lately but when I was she would join me here and there but on the whole it was just me working out. I've found you can try encourage people but if they don't want it they won't do it. I think just continue doing what you do and trying to be a positive healthy influence!! On that note thanks for your encouragement, I've been...
22 Feb
I'm so worried about my fiance's eating habits, he eats snacks and candy every day, drinks lots of beer and soda and so on. He agrees with me when we talk about nutrition and healthy eating, but chooses to stick to his old ways, I don't really know why. Out of laziness, I guess. He wants his son to grow up on "regular food", which is white bread, sugar packed yoghurts and stuff like that. I'm so afraid that he'll die of a heart attack or something and that his son will grow up to having equally unhealthy habits.