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Feb 26, 2015 11:46pm
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I need help losing weight around my waist... Suggestions please
27 Feb
Don't focus on one thing! Mix it up and have fun with it. Download music that makes you want to dance and dance in your room once or twice a week....go running on other days, and try to play a sport and do something physical with your friends. Your waist trims down with activities
27 Feb
Need to do workouts for abs . Especially for the obliques ( the sides of ur stomache area) like side planks . U can find exercises on here . Cause ur doing cardio ( running) so u just need to do some toning for ur abs :-)
27 Feb
Yeah Paige is right. Make it fun. Anyways u need to focus on two things: Diet and exercise. I've posted this heaps of times before lol honestly, but yeah I don't mind as long as u actually do them. Do u have gym access? Or not. And do u have a jump/skipping rope.
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Feb 27, 2015 3:35am
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You need to burn more than you consume - easy as that. You cannot burn on a specific area of your body, thus you have to lose it all over.

So on the one hand track your intake, on the other hand, you have to boost your metabolism directly (cardio) and indirectly (increased muscles/strength).

Following this nice little principle, it's a matter of time to really shred it!

Good luck!