It's been 2 weeks...

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Feb 27, 2015 4:51am
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And though I started easily, I've managed to motivated myself (with some great help from some new friends on here) to workout 5 of days in each week. Progressively I've added two new programs to get my entire body involved, and in just two weeks, I already am seeing definition and my muscles expand! I'm sore. So sore that I can barely shampoo my hair in the morning, but my body is waiting every morning for more! Thank you everybody for the motivation, the conversation and the inspiration. I haven't trained this hard since the military, and I'm excited about the new energy filling my days :-)

27 Feb
I'm glad you're doing so well and feeling good about it! :) great work, keep it up
27 Feb
Thanks Libby! I've NEVER been this sore lol
27 Feb
6 days in a row, I think I'm addicted lol
28 Feb
Man, 6 days in a row!? That's pretty intense. Working out 3 to 4 times a week already gives massive results, boy am I excited for you.
28 Feb
Thanks Jan, I appreciate the encouragement! I really want to get a disciplined regiment going, so this isn't just about working out :-) how are you doing?