Life Moment #17

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Mar 1, 2015 11:27am
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I'm going to be honest with myself and the community , March 1 starts a list of fitness goals for myself. I know the best thing to do is give up alcohol , but for me to tell you or myself I'm not going to drink birthday shots with my BFF next month in Vegas is a lie. So my life moment #17 is this that casual drink with my coworkers, that glass of wine with my dinner, or my personal favorite happy hour during the week All Stops Today!! It's hard enough keeping track of all of the calories and food intake each day , I don't need to add blindlessly fun drinking to the list.

01 Mar
Make a habit of drinking liquor with no mixer. My scotch on ice has dramatically reduced my calorie intake and I still get to drink after work.
01 Mar
Thanks Ryan for telling me that , I didn't know it could be more of a positive  thing with all my fitness goal, still gonna stick to the bare minimum of drinking.