Military training help??

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Mar 4, 2015 2:08am
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I am going to go into the military soon, and I am trying to strengthen myself so I'll be ready when I join. Any specific workouts I should use? Any tips?

04 Mar
Mostly just work on push-ups, core and running cardio. Some specifics will be branch oriented. Yet from my Army experience those three things will help prepare you the best.
04 Mar will help prep you for sit-ups. same thing for push ups. And yes, get comfortable with running. Train for 3+ so that 2 miles is easy. I've been in for 19 years as of yesterday and sit-ups are my weakness. I've used that app for 6 years and it's helped. Hope that helps. PM me if you have further questions.
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Mar 4, 2015 6:21am
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Are you going too die? Jk, just do workouts consisting on building upper and lower body strength, and condition, because running is a major exercise in the military.
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Mar 4, 2015 7:03am
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To* die and aren't we all in the end? Focus on bodyweight strength training with pushups pullups and core workouts plus build up your stamina good luck serving your country :)