Manage your stress...

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Mar 5, 2015 6:16pm
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Or you will forget the routines that help you manage them and lose the motivation that gets you up every day, and you will skip the workout that gets you through the day!

06 Mar
Me, right now :/ I just feel like quiting
06 Mar
My workouts help manage my stress, except when my daughter "helps" under my feet. Lol she's such a big helper
06 Mar
When we want to quit, is the time to really focus, anyone can workout in the good times, but the real opportunities and life changing moments come when we want to give up, but push it anyway! Today's your opportunity angie
06 Mar
I have 5 kids that often make fun of me when I work out lol, but when I make em get down and do double crunches with the old man the laughing stops!