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Mar 8, 2015 7:00am
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I need people in my situation to help motivate me.

08 Mar
What's your situation?
08 Mar
I'm overweight, have been most of my life. I've lost roughly 75 pounds in the last year. However winter time is really hard for me so I've been stuck. I also have a addiction to carbonated beverages that doesn't help. I still would like to loose at least another 70 pounds. It's hard work.
08 Mar
Yes winter time has a habit of playing tricks on all of us. Be it the fact our bodies adapt to the cold and naturally store more fat, or our American Eat's tough to feel like we're still making progress. Feels more like the 31st, 27th, and 25th set us way back to the beginning. But I assure you, this is not the case. 75 pounds gone in a year the right way is a huge accomplishment. You set a goal for yourself and you've been hitting. That's good. We all have our minor slips and falls, but look...
08 Mar
Thank you very much you don't know what hearing that means. And it was very touching for you to take the time to write that for me. So my issue it's like when I do it I do it. The exercising eating right not drinking soda. Then once I loose my motivation usually once winter comes I back slid. Luckily this winter I didn't gain any back but I haven't lost but like 5 pounds either. Then I go to far and start eating the bad bad foods. Ugh I'm just so ready for spring but deep down I know...
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Mar 8, 2015 1:31pm
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I hear you. It's been a long winter and I'm antsy to get outside myself. 
I have been working steady at this for 6 months. In 5 months I only lost 9 lbs. but like DJ said, it was the right way. 
Hard work and dedication pay off and scheduling will help. 
Your hardest thing to overcome is going to be the soda intake, slowly replace two with green tea and water. If you drink coffee that's another replacement. When I stopped drinking pop I lost like 10 lbs. I could drink two and a half 20oz bottles in my 8 hour shift at work and went thru a cube in a week. Now I can't even finish a whole can when I do try. 
Ahh I digress. We are here for encouragement, I'm awesome at cheering you on