To those whom it may concern....

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Mar 11, 2015 1:03am
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I apologize not posting with my usual motivational kick in the ass...but I haven't been feeling too good today. :( I guess even the empathic ones have an off day.
Anywho, my reasoning for this is simply to let my new friends here and ones I've yet to connect with kniw, it's OK to have a "bad day". If you're sore, or sick, or generally just feeling down; it's ok. It happens. Just don't let it keep you there. A less than pleasant go at your day can quickly drown you into a rabbit hole of ill feeling that trust me, NO ONE likes crawling out of. Remember tomorrow is a brand new day. (Cliché, I know...not really my style but it fits) If we be one of the lucky ones to see a new day, that in an of itself should be enough to remind us we have purpose . No matter how bad things may try and get you down, we still have the strength within us to carry the world on our back if need be. (Squats help. Hehe...but seriously )
It's in us all, the power and strength to push through the toughest days. We need only to tap into it, harness it, and use it. Sometimes that reserve needs to be refilled. A good friend and a simple conversation worked for me :)
Just remember my folks, always; sometimes we get knocked on our ass emotionally, physically, or mentally by things seen an does happen. My advice to you, Get Up.