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Mar 11, 2015 6:02am
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Hi all, I just started getting back into working out and wanted to share my goals to hopefully get some motivation, support and advice! I'm At 165 now but I should be about 135/140. I have given myself a 4 month goal to get there. I used to work out and I know I can but I haven't in 3 or 4 years and it's hard! I have a goal of about 1300 calories a day which is actually super easy if I have a lot of protein in my diet, but I love my sweets and a slice of cake kills my goal and my motivation. I work out at least every other day and have worked up a sweat for the first time today! Any advice would be appreciated! Bikini season, here I come!

11 Mar
Slow and steady work your body back into fitness you got this.
11 Mar
I've been out of gym for a year and just starting out again too! It is so tough, especially knowing what I used to be capable of and seeing how little endurance I have now and the strength I have lost. Best thing is to start small and get into the habit of things. If you want to train 4 days a week, make sure you do. Even if all you do is a 5 or 10min workout... Create the habit. At school or work: take the stairs when you can, walk when you can instead of using your car....