Getting started! :-)

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Mar 11, 2015 4:12pm
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Just came across this app! Would be great to hear from you guys anything to boost my motivation levels.

Goal is to lose weight and tone up ready for the summer. Want to lose 60kg...

Anyone out there with similar goal? Need a buddy to keep each other motivated!

11 Mar
Hey glad to have you aboard. Check my posts and check out our forum group. Lots of people who are really supportive of each other.
11 Mar
Excellent! Thanks. :-)
11 Mar
Hey I just joined in too....trying to stay healthy and tone up too. Maybe we can help motivate each other
11 Mar
Good luck
11 Mar
Hi Seanny - that sounds good. How often do u work out? I have just joined the gym and at the mo going twice a week but want to increase to x3. Also need to increase my cardio session there from 30 mins!