Do you focus on goal or process?

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Mar 13, 2015 9:11pm
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There is one great movie scene where S.Bullock plays an alchoholic women and tries to hit a target with a ball and misses. Man next to her tells her something like this: you can't control ball once after you throw it, the only time you have it in your control is this short moment while throwing a ball, so focus on your hand and posture while throwing, not on the ball in the air.

I remember this scene every time when I read that someone focuses on loosing 20lbs or something like that...because loosing x lbs is not in our control...if you think it is try focus and drop 10 lbs now :)
If you don't have some miraculous powers I think you weight the same :)
But we have in our power what we eat and how much movement we include in our day. So,we can't loose 20lbs, but we can make everything we can to allow our body to drop that fat.

I'm writing this as a reminder that it's smart to focus on those things that we can affect and control, i.e. on the process, and have faith that it will bring result we are hoping for :)

13 Mar
Good movie "28 days"
14 Mar
Wise words!