How to stay motivatied long period of time

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Mar 18, 2015 10:42pm
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I have problem to stay on a diet or fitnes plan for long period of time, and that is the reason why I do not get the reasolts. I am focus and motivatied one or two weeks, and for that period I will lose 3-5 kg. But problem is next weeks when I stop with diet plan and a gain the kg that I lose.
I hope that you will help me .
Thank you
19 Mar
I like the trick where you gove yourself a goal and a reward for each goal, like when i drop 5 lbs i get to treat myself to a mani/pedi, when i drop 10 pounds i get to buy myself a new dress to feel fabulous in etc. Also realize it takes about a month for our bodies to get used to working out, so post notes around your house, on your fridge on your mirror, reminding youself of why you want to workout, associate working out with feeling good. I also agree with another commenter who said something about...
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Mar 19, 2015 12:22am
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I think this is common problem, for most of us...I'm trying to figure out that for myself also, and currently I came to this 2 questions:

1.) What would I be happy do to every day of my life, from now until I drop dead? :D

For example, maybe you would enjoy dancing all your life and drinking smoothies for breakfast, or maybe doing yoga, or hiking, running,or walking (maybe while shoping :) ) etc.

Second question is additional if you are not able to do that "your dream thing" right now, maybe because your body is not ready:

2.) What should I do short term to make me able to do and enjoy the 1st?

And ofcours..take it easy, go step by step, you have whole life to be that fit and healty person :) start small, but do it every day...don't focus on loosing weight, but on becoming that person that takes care about her body :)

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Mar 19, 2015 2:22am
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Set mini goals! I set weekly goals that so want to achieve each week. But I also set larger goals " for every 10 lbs lost= ______ Reward" Usually my rewards are fitness related : Jawbone up, new HRM, stability balls etc. Even if you fall short reaching a goal you pushed sooo hard you're still making progress.