I Do This.

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Mar 19, 2015 1:02am
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It's been one helluva long day .
I'm tired. Drained.
Body hurts. Arms are sore.
Head is pounding.
Neck and shoulders are tense...
But I'm going.
I'm getting off of my ass, not sitting around wishing this and that. Complaining about here or there.
I'm getting in there, I'm going to move some heavy a** s***, and leave everything else behind.
Because nothing; no matter the odds, obstacles, distance, time or difficulties; is going to stop me.
I'm going to push.
I'm going to struggle.
I'm going to sweat.
I'm going to progress.
I'm going to succeed.
I'm going forward.
I do this.
Who's with me?

19 Mar
Amen. Go geddem, but don't hurddem :-)
19 Mar
19 Mar
I am with u!
19 Mar
Meeeeee! \O/
19 Mar