Back at it again

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Mar 20, 2015 4:48pm

I was sick. I could not workout.

My sickness stuck around for about 2 and a half weeks.

I couldn't catch my breath and I was coughing up a storm.

But... the storm calmed... I am still not moving. Why??

Unfortunately gang, at that point I slacked and decided that other things were more important than my body... my temple. How messed up was that? It was like having an object sitting in a tank of water. As long as the object was there, the water was forced to move around and move over the object. When I removed the object from the tank of water, the water quickly occupied the space where the object was. It was that quick. "No time to workout". That HAD to change.

I have been back at it again for 2 weeks now but I have to get back into my skimble profile to log everything and review the forums for inspiration or assist with lifting someone elses spirit. I have to finish dropping that object back into the tank so that it could have its space back. I have been seeing many of you going at it. I get my email alerts. If not for you I probably would have still been making exscuses. Thanks JasonF, Nitin, MichaelV, ScottyK, KevinF, MattC and the rest of my active folks on my friend list. Watching you guys continue to bang out your workouts helped me to get my mind back on track. Onward we march. As once said... we all fall down but the important thing is will you get back up?

Well.. Back at it again. I guess I will now treat myself to a minute of Diamond Pushups!

20 Mar
Good to see you back at it man!
20 Mar
Thanks man. "They" couldn't hold me down forever.
10 Nov
And... at it again!!