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Mar 23, 2015 11:56pm
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Hello guys, I was wondering about how much more time do I need to take that six-pack out. Could someone help me with the calculation? I do 3 abs-targeted workouts a week (e.g. Mon, Wed, Fri). I am 10+6 years old and quite skinny. I weigh 47 kg (so if you can give me some guidelines to build up, I'd really appreciate it, it doesn't matter if you give me a webpage to research). Thank you in advance.

24 Mar
It takes months. Months of hard work and a lean diet.
24 Mar
Years even.
24 Mar
I know, but I've been doing abs workouts for nearly (or in fact) a year. I ask for someone to suggest how much MORE time do I need. By experience one should know, I think.
24 Mar
Well by experience I've been working on abs for about 15 years. I started by doing crunches every night before bed. And every morning when I woke up. I've researched and learned more and different ways to target specific abdominal muscles...since I was 14. I'm 30. She's right, increase your protein and calorie intake to build muscle, your concern should be overall size gain. I hope this is making sense. Every one thinks abs should be their primary concern when really is should be secondary. If you really want a strong core and not just looks the focus on your...
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Mar 24, 2015 12:17am
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Hey Marcelino:) I'm studying to be a personal trainer now and my advice is to eat lots of greens and drink smoothies. Also do about 1-2 days of cardio and if u want ur abs a little more "puffy" then do crunches and different ab workouts and don't forget to have some lean meats for protein so you can build muscle! - Monica V

24 Mar
Thank you very much! I'll follow your advice.

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