Hit my first plateau

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Mar 24, 2015 11:15am
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Hey guys so I have lost around 7lbs but I feel like I have hit a rutt ...what should I do I feel like I'm doing a lot of work but I'm not loosing any more weight

25 Mar
May be u r gaining muscles and they tend to weigh more despite their size
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Mar 24, 2015 11:30am
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Hey Jamie, I've dropped 15kgs in three months and think that not putting it back on is my motivation to keep going with the workouts. Using the various recommend workouts via the app is keeping it fresh. Maybe add a quick cardio one in to rejuvenate the workouts. I did the boxing one which was quite fun. Marc

25 Mar
^. I was going to suggest switching up the routine and incorporating different exercises
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Mar 24, 2015 2:47pm

Are you tracking your food? Aside from increasing muscle mass to increase metabolism, you need to be eating fewer calories than you burn each day. Sometimes when I've hit plateaus in the past it was because I was eating at maintenance instead of a deficit. On the other hand there were times when I wasn't eating enough calories so my body was stubbornly holding on to the weight.

If you're not already, I recommend using a food tracking app such as MyFitnessPal to help you hit your calorie goals. Sometimes even a small change in what we eat will help push us past those dreaded plateaus.

25 Mar
Yea I have been tracking my food using walking mate and usually do between 1200 or 1100 a day and have been eating lot healthier with smoothies etc.
25 Mar
In your case Jamie, you may be eating too few calories. There have been times when I was eating too little when I hit a plateau. When I increased my calories the weight started coming off again. It's all about finding the balance between your metabolism and your weight loss needs. Sometimes your metabolism will slow down and hold on to everything you eat. This is sometimes referred to as "starvation mode" and there is a lot out there promoting or discrediting this. Generally speaking though you really shouldn't eat less than 1200 calories per day. I recommend trying this...
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Mar 24, 2015 3:07pm
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Try to shock your body from time to time to overdo plateaus. May it be in reducing your intake to a starvation minimum for 2 or 3 days, doing a static state cardio session at least 30% more challenging than you used to until your completely drained and think you may wanna throw up, using a weight you can barely handle and work your muscle till failure in a downward pyramid (reducing the weight little by little and doing as much reps as you can just still do with pain), trying HIIT cardio sessions with 90% of your maximum for 30 secs, then 30 secs moderate, then 30 secs tough, repeat for 10 times...the list is long.

Just try incorporating something which makes your body think 'What the heck?!'. The death of each progress is comfort zone.


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Mar 24, 2015 3:15pm
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I would suggest taking the time to reassess your routine.

Is the something in your diet that can be tweaked (added or subtracted)?

Do you need to add exercises or resistance?

Is the number on the scale what you are seeking or the way your body looks and feels?

Strength training helps me burn more fat by adding muscle tone.

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Mar 25, 2015 4:54am
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Simple. Change your workouts and Shock your muscles