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Mar 26, 2015 11:13pm
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So I'm trying to build up my arms and abs been working out for a month . Had asthma as a kid never really cared for lifting. Anyways I work full time in construction so my workout us at home after work. I usually lift dung bells start off with reps of 15 lbs and then switch over 25 the highest weight I have. My workout usually last about 2 hours that's including the p90x and fat burner cardio workout they have on this question is how often should u be working out my arms currently I work out Mon - Thurs also any advice on max reps I should be doing to see results?

26 Mar
Don't forget about your diet...protein,protein,protein!!! :) you have workouts here for arms,find what is best for you or you can try to do your own circuit.
26 Mar
Yeah I've been using protein shakes and eating dinners high in protein and vegetables lunches are mostly home made sandwiches tons of fruit...I have yet to find an arm exercise that works for me on this app
26 Mar
Thanks for the advice by the way
26 Mar
Good thing about this app is that you can create your own workout.And about your question,I think it's best that you do a bit of everything,for example: monday-arms,thu-legs,then core,again don't wanna look like a Hulk with big arms and tiny legs...hehe!! In your place I would do that but every day a bit of arms extra...:)
26 Mar
Sounds good right now I do arms and core every day, legs pretty much just the day I go running I'll do legs that day but I should probably switch it up more..thanks :-)