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Mar 27, 2015 1:59pm
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Please help!

I know this might sound ridiculous for some, but I have real trouble with motivation. I mean really bad! For years I've wanted to get fit, lose weight etc etc and I just struggle with starting any kind of fitness routine! And if I do manage to get started, i do not stick to it very long at all. Not long enough to see any kind of results. I spend soooo much time in fitness and diet forums, spending a ton of money on equipment I don't use, reading up about diets and fat burning! So much time thinking about it all but I just don't know why I don't just DO IT!!!!

I guess I just want someone to tell me they were like this once and now they are amazing healthy people!!! And how you got past this horrible feeling! It gets me down. I didn't think I was lazy....but maybe I am?????? :/

Any tips would be great! I want to lose 3 stone, and I'd love to get into running. I have nobody to go with so know to do this I'll have to break down this confidence barrier!!!


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Mar 27, 2015 3:44pm
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I was like that! I spent a year pinning this workout and that challenge and never actually doing it! I finally had a wake up and had to do. So I started slow and with minimum work(push ups, sit ups, lunges, and maybe a bike ride for 30 min in my living room). So 4 months of that kind of work I only lost 6 lbs. then I started using this app and since January have lost 5 lbs! I have more energy and have a lot of great support on here! 
I schedule a weeks worth to my calendar on my phone as well as write it down(I journal all my workouts, weigh ins and tapes). It helps me tremendously. 

Luck to you and I hope my journey helps. 
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Mar 29, 2015 8:57am
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Thank you for your reply. That sounds great. I am about to go for a brisk 30 min walk to the park and see if I can jog around it!!! And then the walk back. I think you are right with start slowly...I just expect to have transformed into an athlete after one workout!!!! I have just started a bit if a detox to get me in the mood for more healthy diet and regular exersise. It's only a couple of days but should help.
Im also promising myself to do a short workout from here later on...I cant even do a push up so that should be fun...!


29 Mar
Stick with it. You'll feel so much better!
29 Mar
Yes, I am feeling pretty good about it, I think I will!! :)

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