You are amazing!!

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Apr 1, 2015 4:09pm
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I just wanted to say that I think you guys are amazing and to keep up the good work!! I have only done 2 workouts from this app in the past month because I have low motivation and I am always busy with work and uni. I do lots of walking (to the train station haha) but its add up to an hour a day!! I really want to tone up, build my strength and get fit and healtht!! I want to join the gym and maybe go to some group classes to be motivated, make friends and be in a positive environment. But I am scared of being judged and I know I will compare myself to others. I always feel so self conscious at the gym and I dont know what to wear.

Sorry for the long post, it wasnt meant to be about me! I just wanted to say that you guys should be proud of yourselves no matter how far you have come! Keep it up :)

01 Apr
Be proud of yourself too! I know the feeling tho about not wanting to go to the gym. Just remember, a lot of them were new once too and struggled with the 'not knowing' if everyone judges. Who cares what everyone else thinks!? Love yourself and it makes it so much easier. Pick a tiny goal, like I'll workout three times a week, and put a dollar in a jar every workout. Save for something fun like a new pair of shoes. I recently put a bunch of motivational sayings around my home gym and it's helping. I hope I...