Fell off the fitwagon

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Apr 1, 2015 5:30pm
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I was doing so well, staying motivated and working out for at least 30 minutes four/five times a week. But I started getting busy and social and it's been one week since I did ANY workouts. I have been eating crap foods and drinking a tremendous amount of alcohol (that isn't what I'm worried about lol). I usually go out straight from work and get busy and won't be home until super late. Then I usually just go to sleep to repeat it the next day. What's the best way to hop back on?

01 Apr
start doing some side to side hops! Get moving, you've got some calories to burn!
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Apr 1, 2015 6:38pm
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You and me both! We can do it! We just have to get back right now! Good luck :)
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Apr 2, 2015 6:44am
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Check out the hike, run, and or walk challenge 10 miles a week in the challenge forum! You can do it!!!
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Apr 2, 2015 7:18am
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The best way? You drop everything,  everyone; that does not grow you, better you,  or push you forward. You drop that dead weight, you set a goal in your mind and you sprint for it.  You crash through every obstacle, every barrier,  every net in your path.
This sh*t is 98.7778% mental.
You stare yourself in the eyes...you look into a year from now...you visualize what you want,  where you want to be...reach out and take it.
And f**k anything and anyone that tries to take it from you.

Yes, we all fall off in some way at some point. Then comes the choice...

You have it in you. Prove it. To yourself.

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Apr 2, 2015 8:03am
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Just start smashing out workouts again... Everyone falls off the wagon. Dont get disheartened. Dont get down. Just form a new set of goals and start working towards em...

Every day you try is a day you win....

Now get out there and make a change... You will smash it

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Apr 2, 2015 12:57pm
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The point is your back here. You know what you want to do. Find your rhythm and get back on it :)

02 Apr
Wake up 30 mins early and start your day with a workout.