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Apr 1, 2015 11:39pm
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Hi guys! Haven't actually posted in the years I've been here but I'm trying to get a needle (standing splits, holding the leg behind you above your head with both hands) and I need exercises and tips for a more flexible back.

I'm naturally quite flexible (& thanks to ballet ) and can easily do splits. It's not that I'm not flexible in my back, I just need to be able to touch my head on my back split leg and I'm having trouble!

02 Apr
Well sucks for u :3
02 Apr
Diana, what the hell...
02 Apr
Well that was rude of you to say Diana. If you didn't have anything positive or and advice to suggest, you should have never commented in the first place.
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Apr 2, 2015 6:39pm
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If you can do front (forward) splits, you should be able to do a needle. Have you tried practicing it next to a wall? Could help.

02 Apr
Yes, I normally practice up a door frame but am struggling to get the bend to hold me foot there :)
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Apr 2, 2015 6:49pm
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Is your spine naturally straight? I have trouble with back bends..the kind you're saying where you have to touch your foot to your head from a hyperextension but that's because I have a slight scoliosis.  I'm looking at your picture and your waist seems slightlyy tilted to one side. It's with me too. But in my case I can't straighten it. You might just be standing naturally that way, anybody can.

A simple 'Adams test' for scoliosis will rule that out.  Google it if you can :)  . Just trying to help.

02 Apr
Thank you for your help but I was just standing on one foot :) I have had my back checked before but everything seems normal
03 Apr
That's perfect then :) Maybe you could look for some hip flexor flexibility workouts in this app then? There's one called 'Free your hips'. Good luck :) You'll make a beautiful ballerina.

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