Some suggestions for motivation/easy weight loss?

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Apr 6, 2015 10:04am
via Android

So to start, I'm new! Yay! I found this app using my Galaxy's fitness tracker, and I will admit, so far it's one of the best I've found.

Okay, so I realize that there is no such thing as "easy" weight loss, I know that I have to stay motivated, eat healthy, and exercise regularly to reach my goals, but what are some things that you do to make the process easier for you?
What are some foods that you always eat/never eat?
Or what are some things you remind yourself that make you want to work out and eat healthy every day?
How do you stay full without exceeding your caloric intake throughout the day?

I find myself getting into a position where I ask myself "why does anyone care what I look like? I don't care what I look like..." And then I give up. I hate exercise so much because it gives me a headache, and since I get migraines frequently, I'd rather not put myself into that position in the first place. I'm desperately trying to find a solution and stop making excuses because all my goals are there, and I can see exactly what I want to look like, and see all the trails that I want to be fit enough to hike, but it's an uphill battle to keep motivated and find what works for me.

If you have overcome anything like this, how? What was your biggest factor in your success?

06 Apr
I'm nowhere near a doctor but, I don't think its "normal" for exercise to give you a headache. I know you suffer from migraines - my mom used to have severe migraines nearly every day it seemed. They actually prescibed some casual-moderate exercise to her that helped. Also I've heard numerous cases where individuals who changed their eating habits had fewer, less intense migraines. I prefer to, what the fitness community calls "eat clean" because it makes me feel better. A lot less processed foods, a lot more real foods. You can get around by couting calories, but you dont...
11 Apr
Right! I am inclined to agree! Although, recently I found out that my iron is severely low which may be a contributing factor to my exhaustion, lack of motivation, and migraines. So I'm working on that right now, hoping to see progress. As far as clean eating goes, I'm actually pretty good at that, I just need to put forth the effort to have more self control in portion sizes and the occasional unhealthy snack. But now that you mention it, I'm going to speak with a physical therapist to see what can be done about my exercise routine in...
Apr 6, 2015 3:17pm
via Android

Theres no thing such as easy weight loss.

11 Apr
Haha, I don't think you read my post because that's literally the first thing I said! What I meant by that was easy tips and/or tricks to help stay on track, which I also said. :)
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Apr 6, 2015 3:55pm
via Android

I found Xhit on Youtube AWESOME ACTUALLY look it up
Boot camp by beachbabemom burns those cals in a fun way has 3 levels too.I love Youtube i could never really get or stay motivated by myself & i don't like gyms so i have treadmill fir cardio but mainly my motivation is Youtube  they do ut with you encouraging u as u go check it out Fitness Blender is also a  favorite i do every second day standing abs 61 kilos now i want to
Get stronger in my core do i focus on ab reps/excerises.Weight training is vital too. Just check out these two channels  it worked for me!!its harder than this ap  but weight loss comes from sweating your ass off its not easy but try dancing workouts i like them to loose fat for cardio Zumba, Salsa whatever gets u motivated.povk something u like &,stick to it.U can do it!!!

06 Apr
Xhit's videos helped me a lot last year. I lost weight fast with Rebecca's videos for flat tummy and cardio exercices. And they are so fun and cute too! :D
11 Apr
I was using work outs that I found on pinterest, and hiking a lot for cardio, but I'm looking up everything on YouTube as we speak! And my plan is to start Zumba again when the instructor at my gym gets back from her honeymoon! Also, I found out that I am incredibly iron deficient again, which is why I've been so damn exhausted. Hoping to get that resolved and get to trying these videos y'all are suggesting. I can't wait!! I keep hearing such good things

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