Lock's off the cage...

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Apr 7, 2015 1:26am
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Here's to the start of a new chapter. Here's to the re birth and the re beginning. I'm not starting over, I'm choosing right now to be the new starting point. The past is done and gone. Now is what matters.
I've looked at my "why", I've studied myself, and reinvented my strategy.
We all have times where we plateau, or we generally get sidetracked from our main goals. It happens. For whatever reason. It does. But don't start over. Never ever start over. Starting over implies moving backward to a previous point. DON'T. Start now.
Take the lessons we've learned through all of our sucesses and failures and move forward. Keep digging. Keep moving. We carve this path. We don't follow it. We make it.

The lock is off the cage.
Time to go BeastMode.

07 Apr
Now that's a motivational speech my friend!!! I'm with you!
07 Apr
Sounds line a great interpretation of Romans 6.1-13 "newness of life", good stuff bro!
08 Apr
Thank you. I actually have these conversations with myself before hitting the gym. BeastmodeCAMP