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Apr 7, 2015 12:53pm
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Look at the world around you, people are getting lazy, their phones think for them, they don't read anymore, being spiritual means they go to church an hour a week or month, you ask them to go to a chapter and verse in the bible and they have to turn to the table of contents to find it, they count their steps on their phone pedometer and feel proud of themselves for walking, and call that exercise for the day....mentally, physically, and spiritually dead and everybody is waiting for the zombie apocalypse....Look around!

I encourage you all to continue building your strength, read a book for your mind, memorize and apply a scripture to your daily life, and do pushups until your muscles fail you! Set the world around you on fire, and the people around you will wake up and jump on board!

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Apr 7, 2015 2:33pm
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I'm just sitting here thinking how sad it is that I do some of that.
I do love reading though, actual books haha
I do refer back to my phone to tell me how many steps I've taken but I don't depend on that. I think it's kind of off anyway or if I even move the phone away it mistakes that for extra steps.
I do go to church and know every book of the Bible (thanks to my Mama). I wouldn't say I'm "spiritual" though. I know I'm saved, I know all the stuff to go along with it, but I don't do nearly enough to invite others along or share with them. I've got a couple dozen handfuls of verses rolling around in my head right now. I couldn't tell you the chapter and numbers of most though because my brain just isn't capable of holding so much information I think
And instead of using my phone to look up information, I ask my husband He tends to know a million things about one small thing.
Guess that covers it all.
Thanks for that! Really makes you sit back and think about your life and how you can try to do things differently!!

07 Apr
And that's the point Amber, when it comes to a strong mind it's not just about reading, it about THINKING, lol, actually stopping, reflecting, and thinking about what you've been doing, if it's been working, what hasn't been working, how it can work or work better, does it even need to be done, making plans, reflecting on outcomes, searching for direction, confirming plans are going in that direction, and teaching others, beginning with our children, to duo the same :-) thank you for your thoughts, it reveals a strong mind, and as for the Bible and salvation, well, we should...
07 Apr
My problem is I think too much.
07 Apr
Lol, that's a good problem I think