How should my workout be?

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Apr 7, 2015 1:58pm
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Hey guys,
Basically right now my workout is push ups every two says, around 90 along with ab exercises every day and rest on 3rd days and sometimes I also do 7 minute exercise which is a compound of different exercises however looking at other people's workouts, they do abs on only one day, shoulders and tricep one etc so is that the best way? I want nice abs so my feelings is to work on them as much as I can so that I get them? Any help, thanks!

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Apr 8, 2015 6:41pm
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Hey :)

Well to get real nice abs you have to lose your body fat means to burn calories...biggest mistake here is only working on your abs . As a shedule i would recommend you as an example
Mon: Triceps and Chest
Tu: Abs
Wed: Back and biceps
Th: Cardio
Fr: Legs
Sa: Cardio and Abs
Su: Rest

BECAUSE you abs are playing always a big role no matter if your doing squats or push ups ! Your whole body fat percantage has to be low to get seeable abs ....

If you already git a low bfp than you need to eat good and a lot of carbs and protein protein protein ! To build up a good mass for your chest and your abs !

Hope i could help :)