Our History.

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Apr 11, 2015 11:45am
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Humans, one of the most intelligent species on earth. Create in the image of God and created to rule over all living things in the sea, animal that runs on earth and birth in the sky. We are so gifted in a way that we can do anything when we put our mind to it.

We see birds flying above us and what happened? We created planes, jets, rockets and helicopter so that we can fly along with them.

We see sea creatures swimming deep in the ocean and what happened? We created submarines so that we can explore deep in the ocean along with them.

We see cheetah, ostrich and other really fast animals and what happened?
We creates bugatti and other really fast cars so we can reach our destination in an extreme speed.

We see turtle with their indestructible shell and what happened, we created tanks that can withstand anything that are thrown at them.

We see the Moon out in the space just floating around the Earth and what happened. We payed a thanks by creating rockets that can take us there and we became the 1st creature on Earth to ever landed on the Moon.

We will continue create new things that are just waiting from someone to discover them. We have done what was impossible. Imagination and creativeness are thing that we can never be use up, the more we use, the more we have them.