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Apr 12, 2015 4:12am
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I have been sick with a temp hovering around 101 for the past 4 days. I am now in recover but still feel completely exhausted. What sucks was I was making some great gains and adding weight. After this sickness, my weight has dropped and I feel like I'm starting back at ground zero.
I hate how a little bug can totally knock you off the track. But it at least keeps me humble and builds the drive to get back into the gym.
I am hoping I can be back on 2 feet by Monday. Then I have my 4 day fly fishing trip.
Thanks for letting me vent all.

12 Apr
You just need to rest and get better! Don't worry about all that stuff! You will get back on track when you get well!
12 Apr
Our bodies talk to us listen to your body. I would never work out when im sick cause u can do more harm than good.If we don't listen to our bodies they starting turning on us.It's not worth besting yourself up its not your fault!! Drink plenty of fluids and think postive!!you're body will tell you when you get back into it.Being sick isn't being lazy.Ots important to keep it fun & interesting....U have just got a stumbling block in time u will be back pumping those weights . until then forgive yourself you are not well . chicken soup...