All I see is WINS

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Apr 14, 2015 2:51pm
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Looking over my shoulder, as life has become difficult again, I see the peaks and valleys of yesterday and understanding sets in. The world continues to point at bad decisions I've made, mistakes and failures and labels me a loser. The boot, the world says, is upon my neck and I won't get up, so they tell me. "It's to much to overcome", "count your losses and quit while you're ahead", "it's too hard, nobody is perfect", "take this medication, it really helps", "the Lord may have rendered you useless because of your mistakes"... These are the voices of the world, and I KNOW that I'm not the only one that has to listen to it's judgements. So, I've kept my head down and my mouth shut, trudging through the mud the world has slung at me. I've focused on what's important, the essentials that I can control, simple things like daily scripture reading, prayer, family, work, head down, mouth shut.

This morning, I looked up, looked around, and peaked over my shoulder. I'm still in the middle of a war, that's for sure, it's not over, my feet are still muddy, no doubt...but behind me, I see win, after win, after win, after win! All those failures, bad decisions, mistakes, things I could "never overcome", are all laid bare, bled out, cold and dead, all I see behind me is VICTORY!

Today, as I turn my head, I see the Sword, the word of God that has done the damage, dealt every mortal blow to what has been laid waste behind me, I see the pillar of fire before me, and the voice of Christ, encouraging me to press on! And with every win, as far as my spiritual eyes could see behind me, all I can see in front if me is VICTORY! The fight is not over, it will rage on, but the fight is already won, the boot was placed on the neck of the serpent long ago, and I'm coming with this Sword...

Don't ever count me out, I was born again, and I was born to WIN, and the Spirit that drives me has never lost! You may doubt, you might discourage me, you may even try to trip me up, but you have know clue of the giants I've slew!

The battle rages, but I'm going to carry this cross and this Sword all the way to the King that put one on my back and the other in my hand. Love me or hate me, I'm gonna love you the same, and encourage everyone of you to be born again, so that you can say that you were born to WIN!