Workout Buddy Needed!! I'm a newbie and need motivation!

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Apr 16, 2015 6:08am
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Hello, there! My name is Karla. I want to start working out and change my lifestyle to a healthier one! However, I don't know where to start! I was always naturally skinny, and then a couple years ago I started gaining weight and now I have fat everywhere. Because I was naturally skinny, I never had the need to form healthy habits, such as eating healthy and working out regularly.

Well, now, I'm tired of feeling insecure about my body, and I want to change my lifestyle!! I need a workout buddy, someone to motivate me and guide me on how to do this! I also need tips on how to eat healthy! My fiance and I are living paycheck to paycheck, and we need tips on what to buy to eat healthy. We went through a period of time when all we would eat was junk food, and when I realized how bad that is and how much weight we had gained, I tried to get into the habit of buying groceries and making our own meals. We eat a lot of sandwiches now, with turkey, lettuce and tomato. I know, it's super boring, but it's all we can afford and have time for. I used to make plain grilled chicken breast with veggies and rice, but my fiance doesn't like it, and he doesn't like spending a lot of money. He thinks it's more convenient to just buy fast food. /:

I want to change. I want to stop eating so unhealthy and work out regularly. I want to not get winded when I go up stairs at school. I want to feel good about my body. I want to look good in tight clothes and stop wearing my fiance's oversized t-shirts.

I need help. Anyone have any advice, any advice at all?

I was thinking about buying frozen chicken, frozen veggies, basically everything frozen, and portion and prepare it the night before. I'm really looking for something that's quick, easy, and healthy, if that's possible. Also, I'm not sure how many times you're supposed to eat per day. I've heard it depends on how much exercise you're doing. Any tips on that?

Regarding the working out part, I was thinking about working out 5 times a week, for 30+ minutes. Some of the workouts on here aren't 30 minutes long (at least, I haven't seen any) so I was thinking going on a brisk 15 minute walk to get the heart pumping, and then doing one of the workouts, in order to help meet my 30+ minute goal.

Once again, any advice would be appreciated. I really want to change my lifestyle and be better.

Thanks in advanced!

Karla (:

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Apr 16, 2015 2:26pm
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U have an e-workout buddy here.
About eating healthy, first find out nutrient content of the food you eat. Find out the nutrient requirements for healthy lifestyle. That way, you can know what to and what not to eat... Hope you find this helpful.

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Apr 16, 2015 10:22pm
As to the eating healthy, I can kinda help with that, but I'm honestly not an expert. I could certainly improve the menu options though. I happen to also be needing a workout buddy, though not in person. Just someone to talk to on a messenger or phone to help keep me motivated. You scratch my back I'll scratch yours? Lol. Now Tue workouts, slow down. You're gonna be burnt out before you see results if you try to dive in like that. That's why so many diet and exercise programs dont work for people. They try to run before they learn to crawl, and wind up flat on their butts. Start with 5 five minute workouts spaced evenly through a normal day, and increase by one minute each day for five days. Now do a ten minute workout twice a day every -two- days. That's how to get started quick without the burnout. :-)
16 Apr
Sounds like a plan! (: thanks for the advice on the workouts, I didn't think about that.