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Apr 17, 2015 6:27pm
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Cluster sets are an obscure training technique. You won’t find too many articles on cluster sets clogging up bodybuilding websites or forums. And what information you do locate often ties in with powerlifting, and not bodybuilding.

I've started using cluster sets for arms and am seeing fast improvement in strength and definition & it's a great way to kick your ass in a totally different way to just lifting heavy.

Check out my workout called POWER TRIP-DAY 18 and you'll see how it works
(Sorry it wouldn't let me link the workout on here)

For example - on the bicep rope curls you'll choose a weight roughly 60-70% of what you would lift. Now curl as many as you can in the time allotted. If you hit fatigue during the time pause for 5 seconds that hit more reps and so on. Then do the same for the tricep extensions.

It's working for me! Just wanted to share for those of you getting a bit bored with lifting heavy iron and seeing little change.
18 Apr
That is funny. I just read an article about cluster sets being the secret to overcoming the plateau of some workouts. I will def be adding them into my workouts.
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Apr 18, 2015 6:04am
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Ooh nice! Gonna try that!!!

18 Apr
Hmmmm... I can't find the number 18, only find 1-2-5-6-7-9... :(
18 Apr
You can scroll down my profile Shew. I did it a couple of days ago
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Apr 18, 2015 11:16am
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Thanks for sharing Scotty!! 
Keep it up you'll be Mr. Ripped!!!