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Apr 19, 2015 6:07pm
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Hey guys, I am just looking for some tips to losing weight, most of my weight is in my stomach, as above I have had 2 children & am just looking for a few good workouts that would help burn that fat & tighten that skin quickly!

19 Apr
Quickly won't happen. Eat clean drink alot of water cardio weight training honestly do something you like i.e some like dancing they do zumba some like yoga other like biking so they bike if u dedicate yourself and really want it you will get it. There's tons of workouts here they're all great they work but it's a constant thing I myself have two babies 2 &9months when they sleep I do weights outside and when they're awake I workout indoors with them then in the afternoons when their father watches them I go run its taken months to lose...