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Apr 20, 2015 3:00am
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I've heard this method to speed up your metabolism, but I'm not sure how true it is.
The method is to run as fast as you possibly can (like you can't possible push yourself farther) for about 40 seconds, then stand still for 15, then repeat for 10-20. It is supposed to help speed up your metabolism, on top of the calories you burned from running.
I'm wondering what you guys think about it?
I have also heard that running slowly for a long distance isn't very good for your metabolism because your body goes into "energy saving mode."
I just want thoughts or if anyone knows anything about this
20 Apr
20 Apr
Check out Anita O's post "The best ab exercise EVER that no one does", it explains exactly why this is true and how you should do it.
20 Apr
I can't find that post :(
20 Apr
Go to Anita's profile and click Posts. There you find her posted topics. The search function in the forums sucks.
20 Apr
Basically, the article she posted recommends starting with three 10-15 second sprints two or three times a week, increasing one every time until you reach ten 10-15 second sprints.
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Apr 20, 2015 3:47am
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That's pretty much what you'd call High Intensity Interval Training.  The number of seconds can be quite different, and you don't necessarily need to run, you can do any exercise that gets your heart rate up (skipping, mountain climbers, box jumps, jumping jacks, etc.). 10-20 repetitions sounds a little high to me too, but it's really personal preference.  Tabata sets are relatively the same thing, but those are a set number of seconds and repetitions.  

And yes, I've heard that the metabolism boost is supposed to last much longer than the time actually taken to complete the workout itself.  I don't know whether or not if that's true, I'm not a scientist.  But I do know that if you do end up doing some type of intense physical activity and you do it consistently, you'll see results.

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