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Apr 23, 2015 11:12am
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Hi, i have random bursts of motivation to exercise yet they usually last a few weeks a time so i never keep on top of working out!

Has anyone got tips of what i can do to stay motivated as i really want to get fit & healthy yet my mood / energy changes and results in me giving up!

Thanks in advance.

23 Apr
I'm exactly the same!! Yesterday I done two exercise classes one after the other, doesn't usually last too long then I get fed up.. then start again! So frustrating! X
23 Apr
Same, i did the butt trainer app yesterday and woke up and did the morning wake up workout on here.. but have no idea how to stay motivated or even what i can do too keep motivated / energized! X
23 Apr
I only 're-installed this app yesterday I totally forgot about it so havnt done anything off here yet! I need to have more motivation I had a baby 10 month ago I need to lost this stomach!! Haha x
23 Apr
Yer, i got this app yesterday as it was free on my app of the day! :)). Been doing random workouts but thought id give this ago as its something to follow etc. Just hard finding time and energy i think! :)) x
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Apr 23, 2015 12:32pm
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Hey Steph, welcome!

It can be really tough to keep your motivation up but I guarantee that when you start seeing changes you'll be addicted to exercise!

It's very important to set long term and short term goals for yourself. Make sure they are achievable! For example, let's say you can't do 5 regular pushups. So make a goal to do at least 10 kneeling pushups a day and try to do your 5 regular ones at least once every week. This will give you a chance to monitor your progress then modify your goal once you reach it!

I've found, for myself, that I must challenge myself. Running and biking is an easy example. I ran 2 miles per run 3 times last week. This week I want to either run faster or run longer. So each time I run this week I be sure to at least try one or the other. If I fail miserably I have to make sure to prepare better for my next run!

Lastly, be careful! Nothing will ruin progress and motivation better than an injury! Be sure you get plenty of rest, stretches, and essential nutrition!

I hope this all makes sense and offers you at least a little bit of help! Good luck!

23 Apr
Thank you very much this will help me loads! I do try and set goals but knowing what goals to set is the trouble i have. :-)
23 Apr
Even if your goal is simply "exercise today" it will still feel good to accomplish it. A lot of times I feel like my workout routines are just mind games I play with myself!

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