Food poisoning....

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Apr 26, 2015 1:43pm
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I've been down for 3 DAYS! I'm feeling a little stronger and the symptoms are wearing off, I took Nyquil twice, and have been drinking as much water as I can hold down. I'm anxious to get back on my bench and grind some much needed workouts out. What kind of things do I need to eat to build my strength back up, I'm feeling so weak! Should I start slow or jump right back into it? Ugh, what a setback!

26 Apr
Im not any kind of expert but i think you should start slow to get back on your feet again. I think jumping straight into it will be a mistake.
26 Apr
I already wondered where you are... glad you're feeling better now:) I would start slow and see what's happening. Your body has lost a lot of minerals and energy. Listen to it and when it feels good, increase step by step.
26 Apr
Were you vomiting? Had you got the shits? If so then your dehydrated and you should spend the next two days drinking more water than you usually do and eating complex carbs and protein. Don't take any protein shakes until after your first work out. Most important things are water and carbs. Im guessing you have been fasting since you had food poisoning so your body is most likely breaking down muscle for proteins and energy so complex carbs will slow that down and water will hydrate your cells. Don't jump straight back into training until your 100% sure you...
26 Apr
Oh and do not take any pre work out supplement until your second training session as the caffeine in it will dehydrate you again
26 Apr
Thanks Heiko