Weeks of eating clean undone by few cheat meals?

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May 1, 2015 11:16pm
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I don't think it's true, ME personally probably cheat once every two or three days and if anything it helps me achieve my goal. I use to cheat once every two weeks but I found when I done this i would find it very hard to put on muscle, feel full and be in good moods. But now cheating every three days(not huge amounts of food) I've become bigger without really getting heavier my arms are much much bigger as is my chest, legs and back also my abs are much much stronger. Maybe for some people cheating can undo their hard work and set them back a few days but I really think that's just the people that are trying to lose that last couple pounds or kgs. i honestly believe if your happy with your weight and you've reached your target and you work out 5 or more times per week then it's ok to eat bit dirty twice a week. It helps you stay sane and bonus your usually lot more powerful in the gym the next day. Just my opinion would be interested to hear if anyone has a different opinion or agrees.... Peace out peeps

02 May
I think and it's just my opinion, everybody's body is different! Some people once they start having more cheat meals, slowly start to cheat more and more (hopefully that makes sense) then the next thing you know all of there hard work has gone down the tube! Cheating is good but you have to be smart on how you do it! It's good it works for you, (also makes you not so deprived on food you want)but some people don't know how to handle there food and that could set them back into self destruction! OK that's all I have...
02 May
A couple of weeks ago I read an article that explained that eatiny fast food may help with muscle rebuilding after working out. I will find the link and post it in a bit. From what I read though, it can make sense when you realize that those 1/3 lb. patties is precious protein that the body needs after exercising..
02 May
The key is moderation though.
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May 2, 2015 3:48am


02 May
Thanks for that bro

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