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May 7, 2015 11:52pm
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I dunno why but I eat bad food even when I'm not hungry it's like it's ingrained in my mind no simpathy at all for my self I shouldn't do it at all I wanna know why though like the other day i go out for a run like 3 laps on like a really steep hill I get home eat loads of chicken and salad the I keep eating if I don't stop now I will be dead in like 20 years I need to sort my life out so people tell me and tell me how it's is no sugar coating shit
07 May
And no cheat shots though like stop eating I've tried really fucking hard serious
07 May
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May 8, 2015 12:15am
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Are you lifting heavy weights consistently?  If your not you should, it would match you huge appetite.  And also figure out your calorie/macro count. You never know if your actually over/under eating until you count consistently.

May 8, 2015 12:15am
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I have the same problem too. I find that if I stay up late and I don't go to bed by 10 o'clock (which is never) that I will start eating crap (cookies, cakes, etc....) I find it small changes can make a big difference. Try drinking more water throughout the day and going to bed as early as possible. Hope this helps
08 May
I use to do the same. But sense working out on a constant basis I will drink my protein shake late at night. Solved.
08 May
The same as me lucky for me my dad keeps me in line because I think if I live on my own I'd have no chance
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May 8, 2015 1:44am
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Bust the myth - eating late IS NOT BAD. It all depends on your body type. If your body is hungry give it food but give it healthy food - not cheesecake or something heave on days or sugars.

Depriving your body of food will push your body into a catabolic state causing your body to feed on itself. So all your gains can also be shot.

If you do stay up late, yes your body will get
Hungry because it is burning energy. The solution? SLEEP EARLY. Eat well and sleep for 8hrs giving your body the food it needs for the sleep.

When you wake up, give it food within the first 30-40 mins. 

It's really simple and scientific. Understand the energy cycles of your body (any body for that matter) and you'll get it but please STAY AWAY FROM FADS - they are just unproven rhetoric!
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May 8, 2015 3:51am
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I can think of several reasons why you may be overeating but its really up to you to narrow it down and figure it out for yourself!

1. Fiber and healthy fats such as avacodos will fill you up a lot more than foods without these two things. Adding things like chia seeds for extra fiber or nuts for a healthy fat into pretty much any meal will make it fill you up for longer which may help curb your apetite for bad foods.

2. Eat mindfully. Slow down when you eat. If you are unconsciously engulfing your food then you'll eat a lot more. It takes time for your stomach to signal your brain that youre full!

3. Your body may be lacking some nutrients. Your brain will still trigger your body to eat if it needs more vitamins and minerals. Eating whole foods helps to get these nutrients but also a multi vitamin will help as well. Ask your doctor if you wish to get tested to see if you are deficient in any nutrients.

4. Youre eating a lot of enriched white flour carbs. Switch to whole grain breads and pastas to avoid the large sugar spike that enriched white flour gives your body. Once your body has released the insulin to control the sugar that came from all those carbs, your blood sugar dips too low and your brain will signal you to eat again to increase your blood sugar level. There are many youtube videos that explain this phenomenon well.

5. Educate yourself on how junk foods effect your brain. If you look at it like this, the people who develop these junk foods and fast food didn't design the food to be healthy for you. They designed it so that it has addictive properties that trick your brain into firing "feel good" hormones every time you eat their food just to get you to buy their product over and over again.
You were right in two ways.. eating these foods is ingrained in your mind and its mostly likely because it IS sugar coated! Check the ingredient lists of the foods you eat. Most of them contain SUGAR. Sugar coating products makes these products addictive and we begin to crave them unconsciously. Avoiding processed foods and moving to whole foods will help to avoid these added sugars in your diet. Overtime, your body will begin to crave whole foods!

There could be numerous reasons why you are constantly eating bad foods but if you spend some time educating yourself about nutrition, the easier it will be to figure out what exactly is going on in your body. Best of luck!


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