Tasting salt and sugar for the first time!

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May 12, 2015 2:29pm
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I began my journey of clean eating just over a month ago. I had a HUGE sweet tooth for sugar and on the odd occasions that I would add salt to my food, I'd smother it in salt. I ditched all the processed, prepackaged and convenience foods, and added sugar and salt. This change has allowed me to lose 12lbs in a month!

Honey never used to be sweet to me but now I can only add a bit of it in my tea or its too sweet for me! Fruits never tasted so delicious before but now I can taste their sweetness and I find Im eating them more often (because I WANT to, not because I should!)

And salt... I had chicken wings Sunday night and they had added Montreal Chicken spice to them. Ive had this spice blend many times before and I loved it but now all I taste is salt. I had to check the label only to find the first ingredient was salt!!

I'm loving this change and having fun exploring new flavours and foods that I never thought I would like. I haven't had a single craving for something sweet or salty since I began this journey.

How has clean eating influenced your life?

12 May
How did you keep yourself from eating salt and sugar and processed stuff, I can't seem to keep up on it
12 May
You have to make your nutrition a priority and make time for it otherwise you will keep giving yourself excuses. Grocery shopping and cooking have to be a part of your everyday life. From there I have made every single meal I eat from home. Any salad dressings, snacks etc I made myself so I knew exactly what I was eating. Also, I make sure to eat whole foods and avoid any foods that have an ingredient list on them. If I do eat something with an ingredient list, the list is very short and I know exactly what every...
12 May
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May 12, 2015 7:36pm
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Well done Rivais and keep going!
I've never liked sweet drinks or salty food so would not have a problem there. I do love chocolate though so have to be smart about it and only keep dark chocolate at home
My food change is therefore a little different although it also rellies on a lot of home prep and thinking ahead. In April I decided to stop eating meat (with the exception of fish) as a 30 day challenge. The biggest change I've noticed is that my sweat does not smell as bad as before!
Now the second month is in and I still love it! I might end up having a little meat treat from time to time (like mums roast for eg ) but will be careful in chosing only organic free range meat. Every person has a different diet and that's all perfectly fine, but I agree with you that we should all try to be conscious and put some effort into what we eat
Anyway just wanted to share my change and wish u good luck with yours

13 May
That's fantastic! It's so rewarding when you are eating more conciously. You really do appreciate the nutrients the food you're eating gives to your body. I've never felt more energized or slept as well as I do! *Cheers* to a new healthy lifestyle to the both of us!