How long before weight loss occurs?

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May 12, 2015 3:45pm
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I've been doing combat hapkido and kickboxing for 3 months. I had lost a few lbs in the beginning, then started putting on a little more. My clothes however fit differently so I assume it's muscle mass building. My question is when will the weight loss start coming and continue? Should I expect to stay at my current weight a while longer?
12 May
Have you changed eating habits?
12 May
I've always ate pretty healthy, not a junk food fan . I did just think about my hypothyroidism though and it could be a factor with weight loss.
13 May
Hey.. Weight loss always depends on how how hard you're working and how disciplined you're towards your goals. You need to understand if you feed your body to less, the body will stick on to the fat and eventually you'll not burn any cals but store them. And also, loosing weight might not mean that you're loosing all the fat. To get a good check on that, get your body fat percentage checked. And then figure out how much bf percentage you can reduce a week. That way set your goals and conquer them. In addition, you can also surf...
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May 12, 2015 4:05pm
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I don't know what your level of effort in your hapkido class is, or the schedule (how frequently you go) or what you do outside of class, but if you haven't lost weight in 3 months and that is one of your goals, you should definitely make some additional changes.

It's difficult to lose weight on exercise alone, since we have a tendency to eat for maintenance or above... Even if you've switched to a healthier diet, it's easier than most ppl realize to continue to just consume too many calories.

You have probably built some muscle, and definitely conditioned your body somewhat, but you gotta push extremely hard if you want to lose weight through exercise alone.

Otherwise, try an app like myfitnesspal to start tracking your diet. It takes some effort to dial it in so it works for your individual needs, but it really puts it all right out there for you to see. Takes the mystery out of losing weight. If you log as accurately as you can (i bought a kitchen scale) , and don't overestimate your exercise (i usually log it at half or not at all) and allow for the fact that not everyone fits perfectly in one of the three categories of activity level.. After playing around with all that, results are pretty much inevitable. If you don't see results, just know it's almost certainly one of three things, either you're under logging food, over logging exercise, or over estimating your base activity level.

12 May
Thanks for the advice . My hapkido class is an hour long 5x a week and kickboxing 1 hour. I have always are pretty healthy, I'm not a junk food fan. I also have hypothyroidism which may be a factor in me being able to lose weight quickly. I'm not really all that concerned with weight loss, but of course would like to see some . I'm more concerned with building strength due to the fact I have arthritis in both hips too. Thanks for the app info, going to check it out now.